Questions about the Eris Variant?


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Minister of Health Koca answered questions about the Eris Variant and Covid-19 vaccines.

No Additional Precautions Required Against the Eris Variant!

Minister Koca said, “Words such as restriction and closure are no longer in our dictionary,” adding: “When Covid-19 had just emerged, information about the virus and the disease was almost non-existent compared to today. We have successfully emerged from our struggle against this process, and science has a great wealth of knowledge. We are scientifically observing the virus, whose ability to cause illness is gradually decreasing with its new variants. No additional precautions are required against the Eris variant. The measures began to be lifted all over the world during the period of the Omicron variant, which was more effective than this. More precautions are unreasonable for a variant with less impact. This new variant, which has a low infectivity, is easily transmitted, just like Omicron. The result is similar to a mild flu. The number of people infected with the virus may increase, but this does not mean a serious situation. "Words like restriction and closure are out of our dictionary."

Minister of Health Koca answered questions about the Eris Variant and Covid-19 vaccines. 


“We Can Consider the Same Precautions for the Eris Variant as We Take the Precautions Against Flu Cases”

“We can think about Eris as much as we can think about restrictions or closures against flu cases. The number of people infected with the virus ceased to be a criterion a long time ago. As the Ministry, our criterion is the number of people hospitalized due to the Eris variant, which is very low. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE SHOULD REMAIN INdifferent. A measure such as flu protection or a more careful one may be accurate. On the other hand, there are two groups that we need to protect against all infectious diseases, and that they need to be especially careful about. These two groups are the elderly and those with chronic diseases. These two groups should wear masks in environments that require wearing a mask. “This suggestion also applies to flu.”

We Do Not Have a New Vaccination Program

“Because there is no need to apply for a new vaccination program. We absolutely do not see the need for a mass vaccination program like the previous one. Some countries credit their vaccination program with the vaccination program, but this is a form of "submission" rather than a scientific result. We are implementing our own program, science is unyielding. WE CARE ABOUT THE FLU VACCINE DEPENDING ON THE SEASON. This is also important in case the Eris variant, which has a mild flu effect, is active on the same days as the flu virus. Elderly people and patients in risk groups should get flu vaccines as soon as possible. Vaccinations are completely free in this group. I would like to remind you again that our flu vaccination program has started. It is no longer possible for us to attach undue importance to EXCEEDED PROCESSES. Our goal is to increase satisfaction with health services every day. We successfully continue childhood immunity vaccination programs. We aim to localize all our vaccines. We plan to produce Chickenpox, Rabies and Hepatitis-A vaccines in our country through technology transfer. This is our vaccine agenda. Our goal is to offer peaceful healing to every patient. “I thank you for your interest in my statement, which aims to spread accurate information” (BSHA – Science and Health News Agency)

Questions about the Eris Variant?

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