What is Mesothelioma Disease?


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Experts stated that asbestos exposure causes Mesothelioma disease and made a press release to raise awareness.

September 26 is considered "World Mesothelioma Awareness Day" in order to raise awareness about Mesothelioma, a disease that threatens the lives of thousands of people every year and is still poorly known. Uncontrolled demolition of heavily damaged buildings after the earthquake also constitutes a risk factor. Turkish Thoracic Society (TTD) Thoracic Oncology Working Group President Prof. Dr. Tuncay Göksel stated that Mesothelioma is a type of cancer originating from mesothelial cells and said, “It is most commonly seen in the lung membrane (pleura). It may also occur in the heart and abdominal membrane. Prof in Turkey. Dr. Under the leadership of Y. İzzettin Barış, the discovery that environmental asbestos exposure caused mesothelioma changed the world literature.” said.

Mesothelioma Disease is Highly Caused by Asbestos

Göksel stated that asbestos, also known as white soil, is a flexible, fibrous mineral that is resistant to heat and water, and shared the following information: “Asbestos is a natural fibrous silicate and is found in accumulations in the soil cover in some regions. Due to these insulating properties, it is used for plastering and whitewashing purposes in rural houses, on roofs and coatings, and also for insulation purposes in cities. Business areas where asbestos is used are; Construction work, plumbing, roofing and electrician, shipbuilding and shipyard work, industry, automotive mechanics, boiler work, etc. Mesothelioma is highly caused by asbestos. Due to the fact that asbestos causes cancer, the 'Regulation Amending the Regulation on Restrictions on the Production, Market and Use of Certain Dangerous Substances, Preparations and Articles' was published in the Official Gazette on 29 August 2010 and commercial use of all kinds of asbestos minerals has been banned since 31.12.2010. It is prohibited.”

Asbestos Testing Should Be Done in Buildings That Will Be Demolished After the Earthquake

Asbestos Testing Should Be Done in Buildings That Will Be Demolished After the Earthquake

Stating that preventing asbestos exposure is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of mesothelioma, Prof. Dr. Tuncay Göksel stated that using appropriate protective equipment when working with asbestos-containing materials can reduce potential exposure. Göksel continued: “It is known that it was also used for insulation purposes in buildings built in cities. It is known that asbestos may be released into the environment in recent years due to the uncontrolled demolition of damaged buildings after earthquakes and old buildings during urban transformation. Asbestos analysis is required before controlled building demolition. In 2012, the 'Turkey Asbestos Control Strategic Plan' was prepared by the Turkish Ministry of Health. The main goal has been to reduce the use of asbestos-mixed soil in rural areas and to reduce or eliminate environmental and occupational exposure to asbestos. The 'Regulation on Health and Safety Precautions in Working with Asbestos' was published on January 25, 2013. The purpose of this Regulation is to prevent employees from being exposed to asbestos dust during asbestos removal, demolition, repair, maintenance and removal works, and to protect them from health risks arising from this exposure, and to determine limit values and other special measures.

Profession and Place of Living are Important Factors When Diagnosing Mesothelioma Disease

Turkish Thoracic Society (TTD) Central Board Member Prof. Dr. Metin Akgün also stated that diseases can develop within 10 to 50 years after asbestos reaches the lungs and lungs through the respiratory tract. Stating that the patient may not feel any complaints for a long time because the process progresses very slowly, Akgün said: “For this reason, many patients are diagnosed at an advanced stage. Early stage mesothelioma patients can be detected during examinations performed for control purposes. Early diagnosis is crucial in treating mesothelioma and can increase the chances of survival. Diagnosing mesothelioma is not easy. The first warning to the physician in diagnosis is the patient's place of birth and residence, as well as his occupational history. In the disease that presents with fluid in the lungs, samples taken from the fluid may be insufficient for diagnosis. Therefore, biopsy is recommended. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy are used in the treatment of mesothelioma. Additionally, pleurodesis (powdering of the lung membrane) is performed using the sterile, asbestos-free 'TALK' method. “It is recommended that these treatments be performed by experienced and expert centers.”

What Can You Do on Mesothelioma Awareness Day?

Wear blue, which is today's color.
Learn more about mesothelioma and its risk factors.
If you have been exposed to asbestos, have your health checked.
Inform people around you for mesothelioma awareness.
Support people fighting mesothelioma and their families.
We can prevent asbestos from spreading by wind through afforestation.

What is Mesothelioma Disease?

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