Human Art Workshops for “A Better You”

Human Art Workshops for “A Better You”
Human Art Workshops for “A Better You”

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Opening its doors to events in different disciplines, Zorlu Performing Arts Center continues to host "Human Art Workshops" in cooperation with Human Art, established with the slogan "A better you". The workshops, each accompanied by expert instructors in their fields, consist of activities that nourish the soul, body and mind.

This series of 4-week workshops, which are aimed to be inspiring and transformative in order for the participants to realize their potential and take leadership of their lives, aims to learn and transform at the experiential level as well as the intellectual level.

Inner leadership with Qigong: Beliefs and reality

May 14

The workshops, built on the basis of Qigong, an ancient mind-body-energy exercise of Far Eastern origin, focus on the principles of internal Kungfu arts such as balance, integrity and unity, and concepts such as wisdom, courage, independence, responsibility and determination regarding leadership.

Psycho Astrology: Astrology of Love and Close Relationships

May 15

In astrology, the axes in your birth chart are important for the way you establish relationships. It symbolizes your ascending sign at the time of your birth and your descending sign representing the other end. 

Abundance and Career Resonance

May 15

Starting from the age of 5-6, in order to gain a respectable and solid position in this world and to live as comfortably as possible, they first go through a long training process, and then the equipment you have acquired over the years is directed to a career that is thought to ensure this life.

Holy Cow: Jealousy

May 16

Sacred Cow Workshops consist of seminars that question life while trying to understand life and yourself in every sense, addressing situations such as being tolerant towards people, understanding the ego, staying calm, discovering your potential, making sense of expectations, judging and not judging, through stories.

Tai Chi

May 19th

Tai Chi Chuan, which you can also define as moving meditation, is the study of the yin yang symbol with movement. We understand our bodies and minds better with T'ai Chi Chuan, which consists of slow and fluid series of movements; In addition to strengthening your muscles, tendons and bones, your intentions, feelings, awareness and life energy also become stronger.

Life Hidden in Breath with Ebru Şinik

May 19th 

Holistic Health and Ayurvedic Life Consultant Ebru Şinik, one of Chopra Center instructors, opens the doors to a healthy and happy life with her seminar where she will share the breathing techniques she describes in her book "The Hidden Life in Breath".

Mantra Meditation with Seda Bağcan

May 19th 

Seda Bağcan, who is called the "Heavenly Voice of Mantra Music" by world music authorities, goes on a journey into the fascinating world of mantras. 

About mantras:

Everything in the world consists of frequencies, and when these frequencies are disrupted, negative emotions such as unhappiness, restlessness and diseases occur. Mantras that mean freeing the mind; Mantra music, which aims to help the person reach a higher consciousness and free the mind from dreams and daily events through sound and vibrations, is the combination of repeated syllables, words and word groups with melody to empty the mind, increase concentration, achieve peace and get rid of difficulties.

Human Art Workshops for “A Better You”

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