Nazım Hikmet's belongings from trash to auction

Nazım Hikmet's belongings from trash to auction
Nazım Hikmet's belongings from trash to auction

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Nazım Hikmet's personal belongings, found in the trash by paper collectors, were put up for sale online by Ata Müzayede.

Found in the trash by paper collectors 

Nazım Hikmet's close friend Kemal Sülker, with whom he frequently corresponded during his prison period, donated a part of the Nazım collection, which he had cherished for many years, to a private college in Istanbul.

After the classification in the college library years later, some of Nazım's collection went to SEKA, some to collectors, and some to the trash.

The collection containing Nazım Hikmet's personal belongings, which were found in the trash by paper collectors, was put up for sale in an online auction by Ata Müzayede.

Among the works to be sold, Nazım Hikmet's poem "Nikbinlik" written in his own handwriting, a silk handkerchief on which he wrote notes to his wife Piraye, a handcrafted necklace, a wooden carved sewing box, a silk fabric he wove, a tie, his painting "Unfortunate Yusuf" and a painting he made from wire. includes his signature.

Also included in the auction are the photograph of Atatürk's body being transferred from the Ethnography Museum to Anıtkabir, the photograph of Atatürk while listening to the conference on the new Turkish letters, Süleyman Demirel's sombrero, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar's first edition and wet-signed "Time Regulation Institute". The 150-piece collection, including the book ", the iron cross engagement certificate given to Ali Fuat Cebesoy, a necklace with gold Ottoman signature workmanship, Fikret Mualla's India ink painting from 1937, and the 1st Cup of the Turkish Sports Societies Alliance, were also put up for sale.

The auction will end on June 23

Ata Auction Official Hande Ketenci said that the most important objects of the collection are the Nazım Hikmet archive.

The piece that stands out in the collection is the poem "Nikbinlik" written by the poet.

Süleyman Demirel's famous wet-signed fedora hat is also one of the rare pieces of the collection.

www.atamuzayede.comThe online auction, which started on June 14 via ”, will end on June 23 at 23.00.

Source: AA 

Nazım Hikmet's belongings from trash to auction

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