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Makeup is the mirror of a woman and we can say that some of us prepare for hours in order to reflect herself in the best way. Our skin structure, facial features and many other details prepare the infrastructure of our make-up. So what does the new era offer us or what does it expect from us? If you wish, the year 2018 grunge Let's take a look at the fashion together.

Create Smoky Looks 

90's fashion make-up grunge, which is a trend, has been brought to life once again in 2018. With many women in the celebrity world keeping up with this trend, grunge fashion has once again emerged. It is possible to create more languid and more dramatic looks thanks to the eyeshadow to be applied to the lower eyelashes along with the eyelids. Many women like this trend. night makeup It says it is, but you can use it early in the day without any problems.

The Orientation to the Past Continues

The trend towards the past in the clothing industry has also mobilized the make-up world. How about going back to the 90s once again? We can see the make-up trend of that period in the new period as well. Dull and more to misty eyes you can have it with grunge too. In this makeup trend, more dark and closed tones are preferred. Vivid colors will not meet your expectations, so you can take the off colors one step further. Get ready to create wonders with this flawless trend.

Grunge Trend

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